Saving Mr.Banks (2013) Movie review; Top actors,story and delivery! 8/10

I knew nothing of this movie before watching, as soon as I saw Emma Thompson my stomach churned with disappointment, I know she is a great actress but in general if it’s not a period piece she tends to look out-of-place, well this was a type of period piece but do not feel put off, it’s based around the inspiration behind the movie classic that is Mary Poppins, Emma Thompson’s character wrote the original book and Tom Hanks (Walt Disney) Tries his very best to turn this magical book into the classical musical that we all know of today.

This movie grew on me, I think even though I am not an Emma Thompson fan I cannot imagine anyone else playing this role to the cold degree that she managed, the director need’s applauding for his time machine trip back to the 1960’s.

As the most popular films tend not to win the awards I would think this film stands a chance, it certainly deserves to be recognised.





8 thoughts on “Saving Mr.Banks (2013) Movie review; Top actors,story and delivery! 8/10”

  1. I enjoy the story they put on screen, but that it’s almost entirely fiction lessens its impact for me. I also thought the flashbacks a bit too direct, a bit manipulative.

    But don’t get me wrong. It is an entertaining movie that received a (tepid) recommendation from me, too.

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