Lone Survivor (2013)Movie review; Makes Rambo look like a disney film!

This is one of my movies of the year, (I never thought I would say that about a Mark Wahlberg film).

It’s a true story about a bunch of seals on a mission to capture a leader of the Taliban, this is not normally the type of film I go in for, in many cases the fake banter on show in the early scenes normally does a enough to put me off but in this portrayal they pull it off, rather than a bunch of guys proving how macho they are, they are instead showing people as human beings with sense.

The war scenes are something new, if you go back to the early Vietnam movies, killing was delivered with in a cliché, almost cartoon fashion, the victim would bounce through the skies like he was bouncing on several trampolines, in this movie it’s just brutal, it’s the closest I have ever come to feeling like I was witnessing a real event, by this I mean ignoring that you are watching actors and instead feeling part of the action.

The story has heart and plenty of blood, any life lessons learned along the way are not pushed into your face, it’s a well-balanced film that will get you rooting for the good in people.




Interesting facts….

Marcus Luttrell (The movie is based on his story) appears in the movie playing a small role. At about the 12:30 mark of the movie he’s the SEAL that spills the coffee and tells the rookie to clean it up.


A long list of investors willing to chip in at least a million dollars to make the movie were each rewarded with the credit of ‘producer’.


Peter Berg read the memoir alone in one sitting at a locked conference room during the production of Hancock (2008).


Though it is not mentioned in the movie Luttrell was personally awarded the Navy Cross by (then) President George W. Bush. Lieutenant Michael Murphy would be awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.


Before filming began, director Peter Berg visited the families of the dead. The father of Danny Dietz, played by Emile Hirsch, read him an autopsy report detailing the 11 bullets that tore through his son. “He was reading that and crying,” says Berg, “and then he said, ‘That’s who my son was. That’s how hard he fought. Make sure you get that right.'”

5 thoughts on “Lone Survivor (2013)Movie review; Makes Rambo look like a disney film!”

  1. Haven’t seen this yet. I will when it is finally released near me. 😉

    Hopefully my experience is as positive as yours. 😉

  2. I saw the trailer of this movie yesterday and will surely catch it when it hits Indian shores. Nice, well balanced review with some wonderful information about the real people behind this real story as well.

  3. The US trailer really empasises the fact that its based on real events, and Luttrell appears throughout saying something like he felt it was his duty to his friends who died to make sure their story was heard. It was all very jingoistic without really emphasizing the brutality of it all. I was just interested as to if they have chosen to market it in the same way elsewhere? I kind of felt like they might have played up the whole “war movie” angle for non US audiences?

  4. I’m based in the UK, I went into it thinking it was just another war movie,it only really hit home at the end when the real people were shown, I think it made more of an impact on me this way.

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