Grudge Match (2013) Movie review; Better than expected

I had just recently watched Escape plan so I had low expectations going into this one, first off the idea sounds shitty, two iconic characters for the last thirty years matched up on-screen with a half as script that creates two pensioners to smack each others wobbly and decrepid bodies.

Forgetting how ridiculous this film sounds you do have two monsters of the acting world in it, De Niro brings a level of class to this far-fetched story, his relationship with his son ends up being a sub plot that is more interesting than the Rocky v La Motta bout.

The genre is meant to be split between comedy and drama, the drama side and avoiding the boxing and obvious jokes was pretty good, both fighters show hurt and pain to a degree that captures your attention, the comedy elements are more cheesy than genuinely funny.

Hot actor at the moment is Jon Bernthal, he delivered in the smash hit ‘The Wolf of Wall St” and proved how imposing he can be as a character in ”The Walking Dead” it looks like he has transferred his talents onto the big screen with ease, he did not look out of place when working with De Niro in this flick.

Kim Basinger plays the love interest and offers no more than an attractive older actress trying to show depth that she never showed in her youth, nothing has changed since she has gotten older.

Worth a watch but don’t go out your way!



Facts about the film :

Alternate endings were filmed to avoid any spoilers or leaks.

The younger version of Kim Basinger‘s character is played by her real-life daughter, Ireland Baldwin.


3 thoughts on “Grudge Match (2013) Movie review; Better than expected”

  1. Yes, I wish someone would speak to the over 60’s in Hollywood and just say Thank you for all your past glorys, but from this day forth could you please play roles more fitting to your age. 🙂

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