Filth (2013) Movie review; The best Scottish film since Trainspotting 9/10

Where to start with this little cracker, well I was not expecting what turned out to be a real treat, James Mcavoy really delivers in possibly his most interesting role since ”The Last King of Scotland” he plays a cop going for a promotion and willing to lie,cheat and kill anyone that gets in his way.

The style is key to this movie, at first I thought I had the theme pegged but it has a wonderful split of dark humour mixed with a human emotion which fling’s itself through your screen, I think what they have created in this movie is very hard to get right, but full marks, they have made what I think will be known as a cult classic in years to come.

Depending on your tolerance to get offended I am sure most people will laugh,wince,hide and generally feel moved in several ways when watching this, this movie makes others seem insignificant.

Irvine Welsh wrote Trainspotting and you can tell to the point that you fall in love with his characters in this regardless if they are complete dregs on society or this case a complete Cun*.

Interesting facts about the film:

James McAvoy has the ability to vomit at will. The scene where Bruce is sick was real vomit.

In the first draft of the car singing scene the song was originally ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner. Irvine Welsh chose ‘Silver Lady’ as it’s a karaoke favourite.

The room that Bruce has consultations with his doctor in is very similar to the room from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) as seen in the poster in Toal’s office.




5 thoughts on “Filth (2013) Movie review; The best Scottish film since Trainspotting 9/10”

  1. Fantastic film with a top notch actor in the spotlight. I am sure this movie will piss off and offend numerous people, but hey, others will love the hell out of it. Good writing sir!

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