Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Movie review; Probably the most powerful performance of 2013

When I saw Matthew McConaughey in the Wolf of Wall street I felt sick from his appearance, I knew it was as a result of him losing a lot of weight for a movie, my first thoughts were that no movie is worth risk to your health, after watching this film I am now blown away by his performance and have to say I think would have had less of impact on me if he hadn’t gone all balls out to make himself look this sick.

You feel a lot of things for Matthews character, to begin with I hated him, he is narrow-minded cowboy, homophobic and just a general jack ass, as this true story develops you witness what happens when someone is cruising in life to someone grabbing life by the neck and doing anything they can not to let go.

Jared Leto is also outstanding in this very camp role, I would imagine it would have been easy to over play his part, he plays warmth and love from his face but hurt in his eyes, the combination of Matthew and Leto together is a magical concoction.

The movie is more of a message on people and how they treat each other, if you take the lead characters or the corporate companies that bully people.

Interesting facts about the film –

Jared Leto lost 30 pounds for his role.

Matthew McConaughey lost 47 pounds in assuming his role as an AIDS patient. Newspapers reported his new looks as “terribly gaunt” and “wasting away to skin and bones”.

The movie went through various stages before finally being financed with the help of Matthew McConaughey. The first director/actor duo who tried to get the movie made were Brad Pitt and Marc Forster and also Ryan Gosling and Craig Gillespie.

The film marked Jared Leto‘s return to acting after 5 years.

During the mid-1990s, Dennis Hopper was attached as director with Woody Harrelson as Woodroof, but financial backing was impossible to secure.

Such were the budgetary constraints on this 25-day shoot, no customary lighting setups were used for the only camera that was hand-held for takes lasting up to 15 minutes. Rehearsals were excluded and, to the relief of the actors, no post-production looping requested.

Hilary Swank was cast but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.





10 thoughts on “Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Movie review; Probably the most powerful performance of 2013”

  1. Definitely a powerful performance. I’d call Elle Fanning, Tom Hanks and maybe Blanchett and Brie Larson at least as powerful, if not more so. But McConaughey’s is in the running, too. He’s tremendous.

  2. I don’t see any of them beating him, to lose what looks like 90% of your body fat and then show the diverse journey his character takes throughout this film, love how it only had a $5M budget, says a lot for a good story

  3. McConaughey is going to win the Oscar, and deservedly so. He is tremendous. His just isn’t the only tremendous performance, is all.

    Though the physical transformation underwhelms me; they always have. (I say this remembering how you praise method acting recently, by the way.) But McConaughey’s appearance is not what made his performance as Ron Woodruff remarkable; it is his acting. The weight loss gets a big shoulder shrug from me, and – honestly – serves as distraction from the nuance and depth of his work, not as something I’m anxious to praise. After all, you and many others are not discussing how emotionally gripping his performance is. You’re talking about how he lost nearly 50 pounds.

    As Olivier once supposedly told Dustin Hoffman, during the shooting of Marathon Man, ‘Why not try acting, dear boy?”

  4. I do like that quote to Dustin, but I know Daniel Day Lewis replied to that quote recently saying there are certain things that happen in life that you need to experience, if you are acting an extreme character you have to witness some of what he is going through to identify with that character, I am not picking sides, but I do feel Matthew’s acting was superb I guess his transformation was just so different that it’s hard not mention this as a wow factor.

  5. Unless, of course, I’m misunderstanding what “camp” means. . . I’ve always understood that word to mean lame/stupid.

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