ALL IS LOST (2013) Movie review; Say that again!

I love Robert Redford for his previous work, this is the first movie in a while that actually made me angry, I was expecting a version of cast away, what I got was a agonisingly dull film.

The moments that should have been of interest just didn’t work for me, I wanted to see how he would survive, how he would deal with problems that would naturally occur when you are all alone at sea, what makes this worse is the fact that Redford doesn’t utter a word throughout, OK I know he is alone, but surely the odd Sh*t or Fuc* would be expecting  every now and again, instead you are left with a few mouse like mentions of the word …. Help, over here!

If you are struggling to sleep watch this, you would think that if Redford was not going create his own Wilson there may have been some beautifully moving soundtrack, not on your nelly, the soundtrack sounds like someone is playing the same chord repeatedly

My lasting thought was that of frustration, I held out until the end only for this movie to disappoint once again, I get the impression that the budget was limited and someone said to Redford, hey I have a boat, if you’re not busy, fancy making a movie ?

The Washington post describe this film as Dazzling, I would love to find out how much free bubbly and food they were treated to before saying this.



Facts on the film –

The film’s script is nearly dialogue-free and only 32 pages long. (You don’t say, I had just presumed I had gone deaf )

This is the only movie in the 100-plus year history of international filmmaking that has only one actor and one writer/director but eleven executive producers as well as six other producers of varied titles. ( Please make it the only one)


4 thoughts on “ALL IS LOST (2013) Movie review; Say that again!”

  1. I liked this much more than you, mostly because I think Redford’s performance powerfully subtle and the visuals striking.

    But I would have liked some additional character development so that I could connect with him.

  2. I partly agree, because of the lack of character I did not care for him, If you take Hanks in Cast Away you got a sense of what type of person he was before the chaos began, I was not expecting a Hollywood production but there was nothing that made me want to like or enjoy this film.

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