20 feet from Stardom (2013) Movie review; Might as well be on another planet.

This one is a strange one, parts of it are interesting, you feel like you should be rooting for these back up singers who seem to get very little credit when success hits, the only problem is I did not feel that much for them, yes they live an interesting life supporting the big bands or solo stars of several decades but I really don’t think there is enough in their stories to call for a full length movie.

The highlight for me was probably the Rolling stones need for a backing singer at 2am.

Nice enough documentary but like it’s subjects it will stand in the shadows of other feature films.



2 thoughts on “20 feet from Stardom (2013) Movie review; Might as well be on another planet.”

  1. I might like it a touch more than you, but I agree it never manages to transcend the music documentary genre and thereby has limited application to the viewer.

  2. Its nice their story was told as every little pretty girl now is bullshit singer and look at all the frauds over the years with lip syncers and other women posing for a larger girl who didn’t fit the celeb mold but was the kick ass singer on track!

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