Around the World in 80 Trades – TV Review – Scam Cities Conor Woodman makes good TV

I do love Conor Woodman in Scam city, the show is viewable on You tube but the show itself has been broadcast on a small network.

Now he is on a national channel and getting the exposure that he deserves, he has charm and an innocence that makes this type of show prime viewing.

Most people if they haven’t already tried making an extra income have thought about since the crash of 2008, Conor takes £25,000 of his own money after selling his flat, and decides to start making business trades around the world, the highlights to date included his buying coffee in South Africa, selling wine to China and Tea to Japan, as well as this being an interesting watch, it also open’s your mind to what is possible, and how easy and most of the time hard it is to get things moving when you have no idea what you are talking about.

I feel that this show is so much more educational than other business show’s, there’s a sense of panic and unplanned feel to each trade.

I loved each show after recently watching the series on You Tube.




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