Nabraska (2013) Movie review; A slow journey to nowhere

The over-riding feeling of this film is… slow, the story creeps along and the characters seem more bored with the going’s on than I was, the film wasn’t a complete stinker, there were a couple of lines of dialogue that were witty and delivered with style, it’s just the other 95% of the film that comes off as trying a little too hard to win that independent weird movie of the year, good effort but no spark.




9 thoughts on “Nabraska (2013) Movie review; A slow journey to nowhere”

  1. I found the lead (Dad) not very convincing, last time I saw him on screen was in the film – Burbs back in the 80’s, we will have to agree to disagree on the quality of this film

  2. I, like others who’ve commented, liked this film more than you. The stylistic use of black and white really gave this film a nostalgic feel and it’s an excellent father/son story. It moved slow and was a simple story, but I think that reflects on the attitudes of Midwestern life and the overall atmosphere of the middle of the US. I would have given it a 7/10.

  3. I appreciate your viewpoint and agree to a certain degree, I don’t think they pulled off the type of movie they were hoping for, for me you have the star of SNL and the funny lawyer from Breaking bad, they are two strong characters to plug into a simple story line were not a lot happens,

  4. I went into this movie thinking this was going to be the worst but once you get over the about nothing premise it just works I think because this could be normal life for many people. The black and white didn’t even bother me. June fucking ruled in her role though. I remember her from her role a few years back on soap opera Young and Restless and told my Mom and she was like OMG now i remember who she is lol

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