Blue Jasmine ( 2013) Movie review; An elegant movie of interest!

This is the type of movie that could easily pass most people by, but as a few days have passed since I watched this film my feelings for the film are all positive, Cate Blanchett is simply outstanding, she plays a woman who chooses to live her perceived life and not her real life,  the movie does in fact pose an interesting question, if you could have all the money and luxuries in the world, would you end this relationship if you suspected your husband was cheating on you, I know what most ladies would say to that question but I know of people in my own life who live their life, like politicians, given the choice the embarrassment would not be worth finishing with their partner.

Alec Baldwin delivers a solid performance along with a surprising showing from Andrew Dice Clay.

This is my first Woody Allen film that I have watched from start to end, I will have to invest some time viewing his back catalogue, I fear I was too young to appreciate his artistic and witty mind prior to aging and observing the characters he writes about.



Film facts –

Costume designer Suzy Benzinger had a budget of only $35, 000. The Hermès bag that Jasmine carries was worth more than the entire budget and was borrowed, as were most of the designer outfits.


Loosely based upon Tennessee Williams‘ “A Streetcar named Desire”.


Louis C.K. originally auditioned for the part played by Andrew Dice Clay. Woody Allen felt that C.K. was too nice to play the role and offered him another part.


The third Woody Allen film in which Alec Baldwin has been cast.


Bradley Cooper was considered for a role but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.


9 thoughts on “Blue Jasmine ( 2013) Movie review; An elegant movie of interest!”

  1. I have seen a few, but I’m not a huge Allen fan. In fact, while I think Blue Jasmine has more merits than flaws, I also think it imperfect.

    I think Annie Hall and Manhattan are generally considered two of his finest.

  2. I loved it. Its the first Woody Allen film in a while that I’ve really taken to. The scene of the first ‘double date’ was brilliant – and excruciating. What a great, fabulous, tragic lie.

  3. It’s the first time I have been impressed with Allen’s work, I also loved most of the leads, they all seemed very well which highlights the acting and the writing.

  4. I found this to be a typical Woody Allen movie. Perhaps due to my age, I grew up watching his films and considered them better than the usual movie. Don’t know if they have stood the test of time, but back in the day “Sleeper” and “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask” were amusing. I had the opportunity to visit the sleeper house years ago when it was on the market. It is in the foothills outside of Denver.

  5. Interesting Elaine, I would love to visit houses made famous by films, I will try my best to get through his back catalogue when I can, I always found him a bit whiny as a teenager but having enjoyed Blue Jasmine I think it could have my age that was the problem.

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