The Armstrong Lie (2013) Movie review; A Psychopaths story.

I have to admit I am not a cycling fan, I would have struggled to pick this American hero out of a crowd before his scandal broke.

This documentary is good to a point that it magnifies his lies and zoom’s in on how Lance managed to hoodwink the world and cheat in a national sport, I have no love for cycling so the cheating element did not affect me emotionally, I thought I would be intrigued as to why he chose to cheat, I thought his reason’s would give an insight into a complicated mind.

My conclusion is that Lance Armstrong is a psychopath, if you look into his eyes at times I swear you can see fire, he is so convincing when lying to hundreds of journalists or as convincing when joking with friends about how ridiculous the idea of him cheating was.

I have big sympathy for the people who came runner-up to him over the years, not only have they missed out on all the financial rewards but to have their medals downgraded and hero status stolen is morally evil,



2 thoughts on “The Armstrong Lie (2013) Movie review; A Psychopaths story.”

  1. Just remember that most of the people who came in second were also cheating.

    Which isn’t a defense of Armstrong, of course. He’s indefensible. As to the flick, I haven’t seen it. I like Gibney, the director, a lot. But I just don’t care about the film’s subject. Didn’t before he went on Oprah and I certainly don’t now.

  2. The movie is not special, It did interest me throughout, but this was mainly down to Lance being a complete nutjob. I understand that a lot of people were cheating but there must have been someone in that race that was flying natural, even if it was the bloke back in tenth place 🙂

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