The Counselor ( 2013) Movie review; One BIG failing speech !

I was really disappointed with this film, to have so much talent at your disposal and do nothing of value with it is an artistic crime, when I say talent I am talking about;-

* Michael Fassbender

* Javier Bardem

* Brad Pitt

The number one crime, which is a unusal criticism, is that 80 % of the cast are giving speeches, I don’t mean at an awards due, just in their dialogue, with the likes of Cameron Diaz giving long boring speeches on life and what it takes to become dominant in life, give me a break Cameron, but she is not alone, apart from Michael Fassbender who plays a clueless sheep throughout, everyone else just loves the sound of their own voice, the style is so over the top that it looks like some well-known names can’t act, I am not saying they can’t, I just think they struggled with the direction of this film and the terrible lines written for them, you always have a wise owl in this type of film, this film has five wise owls!, this would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that the speeches go on and on and on………………………



10 thoughts on “The Counselor ( 2013) Movie review; One BIG failing speech !”

  1. Totally agreed. And not only do the speeches go on and on, but every character uses the same diction, the same vocabulary, the same everything. So the film just becomes one very long monologue. It is not good.

  2. Pretty spot-on KO. This movie was a disaster for me too. Such a shame. Let’s hope Ridley Scott bounces back with Exodus.

  3. One of the worst movies of the year and so many WTF as if in as well!! Makes you wonder why some actors take a role, obviously because of who is attached not for quality. Watch the movie Savages instead way better but also ignored!

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