The Bag Man ( 2014 ) Movie review; The final delivery is all wrong!

This movie is close to being good, there are only a few things missing that instead puts it in that straight to DVD bracket.

But lets start with the good, Robert De Niro & John Cusack are on top form, De Niro looks like his older self in Goodfellas, Cusack plays that moody character well as usual, but this time he is carrying a gun!

When he is told that he will pick up big money as long as he doesn’t look into the bag he is being asked to carry the intrigue comes thumping through the screen, it’s a shame the reveal is not quite as good, in fact it seems quite pathetic when I think of what they could have put in the bag instead.

As a side note I have always thought of Crispin Glover as a proper wanker for his role in trying to force the Back to the Future team out of more money to take part in the sequal, I would think there was a time when most producers gave him a wide birth, but after all of that he performs in this average film with that creepy character that he pulls off so well.

The bag(man) has decent content but the delivery is all wrong!



4 thoughts on “The Bag Man ( 2014 ) Movie review; The final delivery is all wrong!”

  1. I am flashing to Brad Pitt doing his best Jerry Seinfeld impression, “What’s in the bag?”

    I almost watched this flick yesterday, but went with Grand Piano instead. I might still give this one a shot someday.

  2. The only thing that looks good about this movie is Rebecca De Costa. Whewwie!!!

    Good review

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