Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) Movie review; Great sound & Beautiful film.

I find it hard to put my finger on why the Coen brothers manage to produce cool films, I had forgotten this was a Coen film until the titles came up at the end even though the style should have been a big clue while  I was watching, they seem to be able to strip back a characters bullshit and leave it open for all to see, there is very little front in a Coen character, instead you normally just get the truth smacking you in the face.

As I am a smart ass I was second guessing where this movie was going or how it was going to end, I was wrong on both counts and even though this movie is not a classic there are real moments throughout that highlight what film making is all about; to excite, to bring something new, to make the viewer feel something more than a casual glance into a fictional story.

(My heart sank when I saw Justin Timberlake, my brain cannot condone Timberlake as an actor, I was very relieved to find out he was only in the film for five minutes)



Interesting facts –

Llewyn Davis is a fictional character, not based on the life of Dave Van Ronk. However, the creative spark for making this movie came from Van Ronk’s memoir “The Mayor of MacDougal Street”. The film looks at the Greenwich Village music scene in and around the real-life clubs Gaslight Cafe and Gerde’s Folk City.


The Coens also told interviewer Terry Gross that working with multiple cats on the set was very difficult, and that they ended up disliking cats in general, largely because of their experience with them on this film. They also said that even the trained vulture they had worked with making True Grit (2010) was preferable to the cats they had to deal with, even though that trained bird of prey had been, “by vulture standards, probably a stupid vulture.”




10 thoughts on “Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) Movie review; Great sound & Beautiful film.”

  1. Did not deserve any award nominations only because of who made it did it get them so sad Hollywood is like this! The cat was the best thing in this movie that speaks volumes!

  2. I know some people didn’t like it cause it wasn’t “real.” It never purported itself to be real…it’s fiction!!!!!! I know all about the “real” characters; I’m just interested in how they depict the flavor of the times I know about and lived through and the music I adore!!!!!!!!

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