Dirty Wars (2013) Documentary; Is America, the real Terrorist ?

I have seen several documentaries about the war on terror, it saddens me that the general news ignore stories about innocent families being shot in the middle of the night without real intelligence or planning by the U.S soldiers, some idiotic news channels such as fox news loves to bury America’s head in the sand and whistle from the roof tops about what a proud nation the red, white & blue still is!!??

If the truth be known, I think there is a lot that the British & American government have to be a ashamed about, it’s a fact that most people hear about twenty people being killed in Iraq and their brains can’t compute it, we can’t relate to a land we have no connection to, so it might as well be a made up story, if you hear a report on your local news channel that a man died of a heart attack in your local McDonald’s, you give this story the time of day because you can relate to the area and the person living there.

My feelings on this film and the war on terror is that we are only hearing about 10% of all the wrongful killings, the rest is being wrapped up in American propaganda, this to protect the U.S citizens from hearing the horrible truth, if most Americans could be told the truth would they want to hear it ? something tells me they prefer the filtered down version which paints their own country as the heroes to the world, the film points to a fact about the amount of families that have been murdered without any sign of a threat being offered to the U.S, if I was a neutral person, living in Iraq or Afghanistan and a bunch of soldiers turned up one night and murdered my loved ones I don’t think I would have many goals in life left but to claim some revenge on the evil that has caused such hurt, I am not talking about when a terrorist or the Taliban who are being shot at and innocent people are being caught in the line of fire, I am talking about women and children that are not within a hundred miles of a terrorist group who
are being killed for no justified reason, how many soldiers have gone A.W.O.L after witnessing such war crimes ?¬† my point being that if there are more attacks on UK or US soil in the future can we all listen and read about these deaths that seem to happen on a weekly basis over there, then act like an innocent victim of terror when we create these terrorist’s in the first place.

The film is interesting and I enjoyed it on a educational basis and for the lack of any need to polish the ending off with any dramatic conclusion.



2 thoughts on “Dirty Wars (2013) Documentary; Is America, the real Terrorist ?”

  1. The stats we get are that more US soldiers have died due to suicide than have died in battle. What does that say.

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