Short Term 12 (2013) Movie review; A slow starter with a strong finish!

I went into this one feeling uneasy after five minutes, this film is designed to create meaningful representation of children who are staying in a support centre out of choice or because they got in trouble, I could tell what the theme of the film was from the off and I was not sure I was going to be a happy viewer, I was not in the mood for a life story or righteous tale, I kept with the film and was pleasantly surprised at what followed.

The child stars were cliché bad eggs which I suppose would be correct for the story but the life coaches were more interesting, they showed an unwavering support for the children but then suffered a lot of emotional problems themselves that they flatly refused to deal with, I hate movies that I designed to make you cry but this movie has more substance than others.

The acting was top-notch in a very touching film.

7.5 / 10


Facts on the film –

To try and convince director Destin Cretton to cast her Brie Larson told him that she had applied to volunteer with disadvantaged children after reading the script in order to research the role. Cretton was impressed and Larson did not reveal until later that she had been rejected by every organization she had applied to.


One thought on “Short Term 12 (2013) Movie review; A slow starter with a strong finish!”

  1. I love this one. (Put it 9th in my 2013 Top Ten.) I think the two main children as well developed as the adults, and the adults incredibly real. It’s a minor disagreement, obviously, since you like to too. 🙂

    Interesting on Larson.

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