The Outsider (2014) Movie review; I turned this one off, 1/10

I remember back to the great action movie that was Cliffhanger with Sly Stallone, this movie ticked the boxes in many ways but I every time I see Craig Fairbrass I think of his role in the above mentioned film, he didn’t play a big part but for whatever reason he was memorable.

After his big break Craig has largely done very average work with trashy work in Eastenders (Terrible UK drama) and he also appears in a couple of UK gangster films, he does represent anger very well and can steal a scene when action is called for, but the only thing his present film has proved, unfortunately is that he cannot act, he can play a bad guy and get away with it, (Pretty much like Vinny Jones) but his acting is atrocious, when this film kicks off the story and his tone are so quiet that it becomes hard to watch, it is very easy to believe that he wrote this awful script, the hard thing to believe is that he managed to get some serious actors to join him (James Caan), I like the fact that the Americans seem to think that British is now a vital ingredient to making successful production’s but that does not mean everyone with a cockney accent is talented!

I got to the hour mark and turned it off, first time I have done that in a while.




2 thoughts on “The Outsider (2014) Movie review; I turned this one off, 1/10”

  1. I think me and my mates would love watching this while drunk! Cockney gangster films can be so bad theyre good! The amount of cliches makes a fantastic drinking game. You should check out St Georges Day for an even more awful movie with Fairbrass in it. Its hilariously shit!

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