Better living through chemistry ( 2014 ) Smart & loving movie.

OK so to start with I love the main cast which includes Ray Liotta , Sam Rockwell & Michelle Monaghan so this movie was always going to be starting off as a winner, followed by this news it only got better, an interesting screen play that zooms in on a person’s life and happiness.

Sam Rockwell plays a chemist who is eager to please, this continues until one day when he snaps and decides to think of what he actually wants in life, this is where the funny begins and continues to the end, there is not a laugh out loud film but it does have great dark humour throughout.

The story is told well via Jane Fonda who narrates the film, not a massive Fonda fan but I have to say this is something special about her voice which adds a level of quality to the film.

I recommend this film.



Facts about this film –

Jeremy Renner was originally cast in the lead role but due to his busy schedule, he had to drop out and was replaced by Sam Rockwell.

Judi Dench was originally going to narrate the movie before she dropped out and Jane Fonda was cast.

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