The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013) Movie review; Prententious with moments of class

Shia LaBeouf lost me as a fan when he took on the big money of the Transformers franchise, which left his artistic respect in the bin, since then he has tried his best to make up for it with some serious and powerful roles.

This movie is largely frustrating, without giving away the quirky plot the lead decides to travel to Romania, there are nice moments captured on-screen of a man open to a new world but unable to hide that insecure feeling of loneliness, for anyone who has traveled alone before it is quality that is nice to observe but less enjoyable to experience.

Eventually this movie becomes very pretentious and tries to be too clever for its own good, the simplicity of this story was charming at the start but by the last quarter of the film you will be fighting with yourself to quit the unwatchable finale.



Fact about the film –

Shia LaBeouf actually ingested LSD to make the scene seem ‘more real’.

Darko says to Charlie ‘I’d like to sit down and explain it all to you like in a fucking James Bond movie, but I get bored easily.’ Mads Mikkelsen played the villain in Casino Royale (2006), a James Bond movie.

4 thoughts on “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013) Movie review; Prententious with moments of class”

  1. It has a good cast and a fun premise. However, I keep hearing negative things about it and it has completely spoiled any of the interest that I originally had in it. Not sure if I will ever end up watching this one….

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