Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) Movie review; Fun movie if you don’t compare it…..

When I watched Anchorman 1 in the cinema all those years ago it did not blow me away,  years later I caught the movie again and viewed it in a different light, there are so many quotable lines that for whatever reason were deemed silly and blase first time round, years later the original seemed to have a second life on TV networks and DVD releases, It’s now known as a comedy cult classic.

I was excited about ” The Legend Continues” , the movie is very funny and you can see that the cast and the writers went all out to impress and please, it does kind of feel like a holiday resort that you experienced years ago, the staff were funny, loving and friendly and you go back years later and nothing has changed,  problem being , try as you might, you can’t recreate that first magic holiday!,  that’s kind of how this film feels, I still had fun watching and cannot deny how funny the entire cast are, but that youthful innocence and energy is no longer evident.

I would happily digest another, the 90’s would be interesting.





3 thoughts on “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) Movie review; Fun movie if you don’t compare it…..”

  1. I finally watched this one. I had one good, long laugh during the slow-mo bus roll, and a chuckle or two during the rest of the movie. They took the characters over the top in this one (moronic), and it didn’t make for a good movie.

  2. They did but I still enjoyed it, I was struggling to sleep the other night so left this running in the background, I found myself laughing instead of sleeping, thanks for your comments.

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