High School High (1996) Movie review; Love John Lovitz but there is a reason he never stars in a movie!

I am big John Lovitz fan, ever since I saw him as Tom Hanks work pal in the hit ”Big”, he has a very natural ability to convey sarcasm, he is the type of actor that makes you laugh each time you see him, you would not be alone in thinking, why doesn’t he star in a movie of his own ?

Well think no more, because in the title above he stars in his very own movie, I had never heard of it which is never a good sign if you are viewing a movie made in 1996, but it’s not bad, it’s a spoof on the teacher who goes to a bad neighborhood and teaches the unteachable. (”Dangerous Minds”)

John is funny but there is a reason he has not starred in another movie since, much like chocolate if you eat ten bars in one hour you are bound to feel slightly woozy, well John is ideal as that second character or general funny guy extra but anymore and it becomes too much.

The film has some genuine witty moments that made me laugh, I can probably think of at least half a dozen off the top of my head but there are moments that can only be described as a lull, this being the reason why it went by without most people noticing it all those years ago.

Worthy of a watch.



facts about the film –

Lexie Bigham died in a road accident shortly after completing this movie.

3 thoughts on “High School High (1996) Movie review; Love John Lovitz but there is a reason he never stars in a movie!”

  1. I thought it was quite funny but then again I was only 15 or so when I watched it so I didn’t have the highest of expectations! I do like Jon Lovitz though.

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