The Walking Dead – Season 4 Finale Episode 16 – Exciting end but poor season

Well It felt good to have Rick back on-screen, I had forgotten what he looked like, the last half a dozen episodes have been really drawn out, stories following parts of the cast that don’t really have the same pull as Rick and his son.

The finale was good, the groups finally arrived at Terminus, and what looked like a welcoming place soon turns into a mistrustful sanctuary, I cannot wait for season five, reports have come out that this season will be different, I really hope so because season four was largely forgettable, In reality I would guess that the leading star Andrew Lincoln (Rick) fancied some time off, the makers suggest a work schedule that means he only on set for a month, this would explain his absence and constant flash back sequences.



6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Season 4 Finale Episode 16 – Exciting end but poor season”

  1. Smart thinking, that would make sense, if so it creates a new enemy and a complete new story line, badly needed!, those walkers are becoming part of the furniture 🙂

  2. Great ending. Personally I enjoyed the second half of season four – there was a real sense of danger from zombies, something that was not really possible inside the prison. Also liked that the governor was finally written out – for me that was the weakest storyline so far. I also enjoyed getting to know some of the other characters a bit better – especially Daryl and Beth. And then there are the new characters Porter and Ford – I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them.

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