Snow Piercer (2013) Movie review; This film is a nice surprise!

This film starts out as one thing then develops into something else completely, at the beginning I was considering leaving this film for another time, it gives the impression of a dark, gritty drama about a bunch of prisoners keen on escape.

When the film eventually gets going I could not wait to see what happened next, the tempo of the film increases and the story line is original for the big screen, which is not an easy thing to say these days.

Chris Evans pulls off the leading man well and gives the story its heart and soul.

I recommend this film.



6 thoughts on “Snow Piercer (2013) Movie review; This film is a nice surprise!”

  1. I remember seeing the trailer for this, it’s finally going to be released here in June… probably limited too. I hope I get to check it out.

    Are you all set for Back to the Future Part III tomorrow? Can’t wait

  2. We couldn’t get past the first few minutes. On your recommendation I will give it another shot.

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