Aftershock (2012) Movie review; You need to watch for at least an hour!

I watched this film after seeing Eli Roth’s interview with Kevin Pollack on YouTube, presumed it must be terrible as I can’t remember reading or seeing anything about its release or existence.

Eli who is known for the film hostel, stars and does not direct in this one, but a lot of his influence is all over this all the same, the story is calm as well as shocking, the acting is solid and the characters are dark and happy, a real cocktail of a film, but I will insist that you commit to this film for at least one hour, I have read of people being turned off early on but that is part of this films design, stick with it and you will be delighted by the time the film finishes.




4 thoughts on “Aftershock (2012) Movie review; You need to watch for at least an hour!”

  1. So, I’ve made it to the earthquake. I still have no idea who these people are or why they are together. All I know is that there are six, fun-loving people who are in an earthquake. My husband refuses to watch any more, so I will have to catch the rest on my own. If I had not read your review I would never have made it this far.

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