Blue Ruin (2013) Movie Review; A true delight! 8/10

I instantly took a liking to this film, the film gives you so many reasons to root for it, the story is original, beautifully shot with a great tempo & style.

The lead character (Macon Blair) is interesting without the need to shout and holler every two minutes, his character is very believable and brings a new element to the thriller genre,there is a point in this film when an average man has to use guns and weapons to protect his family, the way they portray this sequence is probably a lot more realistic than in most action films which creates a heightend fear/ worry when watching.

I cannot think of another film like this, which is a testament to what a great job everyone did with this film.

I highly recommend this film.




4 thoughts on “Blue Ruin (2013) Movie Review; A true delight! 8/10”

  1. This is my next review! Just watched it yesterday! Great film and loved every second of it! Nothing like any revenge thriller that I’ve seen before!

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