Tokarev (2014) Movie review; Nicholas Cage stop dying your hair!!!

This movie is not bad, it has action super star Nicholas Cage playing a bad guy gone good, years ago his character was involved with most of the mafia families in the neighborhood and played his part in building a reputation to fear, now he is old his only care in the world is living a normal family life and relaxing with friends.

(Up until this point in the movie I was gripped, but one thing kept distracting me, Cages prime dark dyed hair, I find myself falling out of the story and staring at his hair on my screen, what makes it worse is his close friends of the same age on screen have no hair, white hair or are completely grey! )

After being distracted by the blackness I tried my best to get back to the story, Cages daughter goes missing and the hunt to find her becomes interesting, there is no ransom note and no clear message from anyone to indicate who has ”TAKEN” her, the story is fabulous from this point on but I have to admit that my eye was constantly drawn to cages new unnatural colour, like when you spot a man wearing a wig, they are not fooling anyone, Cage you have talents that go far beyond your lost youthful looks, please accept you age with grace and get on with entertaining the world with your performances, not your dye bottle.

If you can keep your eyes off his hair this film is pretty good.



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