The Sacrament (2014) Movie review; The Excrement would be a more fitting title!

This starts out with some promise, a man get’s a letter from his sister saying she has now found her heaven on earth in the shape of a religious Eden in the back-end of nowhere.

It makes no real sense at all but  a film crew decide to tag along in the hope that there might be a story in it for them, their back story is that of a film crew that has traveled the world and visited some of the most war-torn areas, they come across as a team of college kids who finished their media studies course weeks early, the film is shot through their cameras so you have that annoying hand-held style, I really hate this approach to making a film, it’s intended to bring realism to a story but for me I feel like I am suffering with vertigo when I watch this type of film.

So …. after the initial promise this film soon tails off into a disappointing end, you sense something is not right when all these hippies are praising the leader and telling anyone who will listen how happy they are but the director / writer does not create any tension within the film, you never really feel scared while watching, more creeped out / bored, when the finale comes I was hoping for a last-minute twist that would make this long and disappointing film feel worthy of my time, it never arrived and I would have to put this down as one of the worst films I have watched this year, give it a miss unless you are really desperate.

It’s based on true events, I know an event which includes a bum feeding himself from a bin, this event was also true but like ”Sacrament” should not have been made into a film.





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