Fargo (2014) TV Series review; Finally a show to fill the void left by Breaking Bad – 9/10

I heard about this project via Martin Freeman doing his publicity for the show in the UK, nice guy Martin has made a career out of playing the average nice guy, you could argue that it is business as usual in Fargo but I am not complaining, the first episode was HUGE, you could say that the rest of season acts as a ripple to the splash the first episode makes on your consciousness.

Much like with Bates Motel, Fargo has taken its inspiration from a classic movie, (”Fargo 1996”) Fargo was not a bad film but it would have been far down my list of movies that I would have chosen to convert into a TV series, that said it works a treat, the characters seem alive and the dialogue is clever, cutting and hair-raising at times.

I love Billy Bob Thornton, he has the ability to portray an asshole better than anyone I know, he plays an asshole with a gun in this show but that is not were the interest begins or ends, he has a killer tongue that betters most hit men that have gone before him, there is a scene in the first episode that embodies cool, some people have the power to intimidate others with just a look and few pleasantly spoken words, Billy has never been so entertaining, and I love 99% of his previous work.

We are coming up to the 5th episode and I can’t get enough of this show, I think it’s true that there are elements of Breaking Bad to this story, it was inevitable that a producer was going to try to fill that void but in no way does it take away from the delight that Fargo is!




2 thoughts on “Fargo (2014) TV Series review; Finally a show to fill the void left by Breaking Bad – 9/10”

  1. I agree. So well cast, acted etc. I was not a fan of Billy Bob, but this series has changed that. He has made me both love and hate his character. Superb acting. Can’t wait for the next episode. BTW blows the movie out of the water.

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