3 Days to Kill (2014) Movie review; Jack of all trades, Master of none!

This movie made me nauseous at times, it tries to tick so many boxes that in the end it succeeds at none, you have Kevin Costner playing his cowboy character living in modern-day America, his moody quiet man persona has become slightly agitating at times,the only thing more annoying is the script.

So in a nutshell Costner plays a James Bond type character who is dying from a terminal disease, he then starts to work for a rogue operator while trying to rekindle a lost relationship with his ex-wife and estranged daughter, added to this he has forgotten how to dress and keeps borrowing clothes from bodyguards while riding a girls bike around Paris.

Possibly one of the worst Costner films in years, he has made a few turkeys so this film is in good company, The last movie I enjoyed of his was Mr Brooks”2007′ which was at least different from every other Costner movie, but that was seven years ago and I feel he has lost his star quality by taking on so many disappointing films over the years, when you think back to – American Flyers,The Untouchables, Field of Dreams,Dances with Wolves and Robin Hood Prince of thieves you have to ask where did it all go wrong for Mr Costner ?



6 thoughts on “3 Days to Kill (2014) Movie review; Jack of all trades, Master of none!”

  1. great review. I saw this last week and I’m now convinced that Costner is much better these days as a supporting character instead of a leading man

  2. Costner made this a lot better by just doing what it is that he does. Walk around, not show much emotion, and just act like he knows the answer to every little question there may, or may not be. Good review.

  3. I enjoyed Waterworld Elaine, I know it was a commercial flop because of the silly budget but as popcorn movies go I thought it wasn’t all bad, I think ” The Postman” was the real decline in his career.

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