Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review; Very disappointing !

Very disappointing movie, you have such talent on show but in my opinion this story was not worth telling and the end result is a borefest that seems to just go on, and on, and on…..

I was picturing a quirky Oceans 11 based around war-time, instead you are left with a goofy John Goodman, a wasted and tired looking Bill Murray, even George Clooneys faultless cool starts wavering early on, Matt Damon  has one joke throughout the film which circles around the fact he can’t speak french but tries his best.

Overall the movie just does not work, the group of actors chemistry is all wrong and not sensing any electricity all you are left with is dour film that tries to explain how some art is worth risking soldiers lives for, if you agree or disagree the movie still sucks, by the way I disagree, it’s the equivalent of the recent war in Iraq when the first thing America and the UK soldiers did was secure the oil fields, like back then and now, it all comes down to money and who gets to have some.




4 thoughts on “Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review; Very disappointing !”

  1. This one proves that you need more than a tribe of talented actors to make a movie. You need a good screenplay and direction as well. I couldn’t sit through this one even with the fabulous cast.

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