Devils Knot ( 2014) Movie Review:A Pointless movie !

This movie has already been made only a few years back, they took the heart breaking documentary from 2012 (West of Memphis) and created a film, everything is the same apart from the fact that you have Colin Firth hanging around in the background telling anyone who will listen that these boys are innocent.

If the documentary didn’t exist I could fully understand the makers wanting to make this film, as they brought nothing new to the story I don’t understand what they were trying to achieve so soon after the documentary was released.

If you are not aware of the story, three boys go missing and then shortly afterwards their bodies are found in the local lake, when three boys are arrested for their murders everything seems tied up until investigators start checking on the evidence collected.

There is a scene in this film that shows the three dead bodies being pulled out of the water, for me this was too much, I understand the need to show what happened but there are ways of showing, this scene left a bad taste in the mouth for myself and showed disrespect to the families concerned, this was not a fictional horror.

If you have not seen the documentary you may enjoy this film, for me the documentary is better as for one you hear the story from the people involved, and they go into more details and facts than this film does (Ref Turtles).




2 thoughts on “Devils Knot ( 2014) Movie Review:A Pointless movie !”

  1. Yeah, there really was no point to this movie. Well, except to maybe just regurgitate things we’ve already heard many times before. Good review.

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