Make your Move ( 2014) Movie Review; Another Dance movie :(

I started watching this in the vain hope that it was a tribute to Clint Eastwood, instead by gut feeling was right and it was another dance movie with ” ATTITUDE”, my wife loves these movies, I must say for the dancing and not so much the story or the acting so that means I am stuck with seeing nearly all of them.

I have noticed they all share the same plot, somebody wants to dance, a dance group of some kind are not so keen on newcomers , a girl has no intention of falling in love, but before she has taken off her funky cap the close-ups and relaxed touching begins…..

I find the extras in the background more annoying that anything else, they create the opposite reaction to reality and instead of booing some ego maniac who has just taken over the stage and starts dancing like an erratic outpatient, everyone is smiling in the crowd, clapping and responding like Beyoncé and Jay Z are on stage.

Rant over, shame this genre is not!



2 thoughts on “Make your Move ( 2014) Movie Review; Another Dance movie :(”

  1. I really don’t make time to watch movies. My husband has the TV zapper and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched snippets of Star Wars! 🙂
    Many thanks for the follow.

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