The Double (2014) Movie Review; The style of the film reminds me of a really bad hangover

Jessie Eisenberg is a very talented man, he alone is what drew me to this project, before we get started I know there are people out there that will defend everything that Dostoyevsky writes, his books may be classics but this film is certainly not.

The style of the film reminds me of a really bad hangover were everyone seems to be talking very loudly and the vision seems to have a dark grey lens in place.

I think this film will split a lot of people, it’s not total rubbish I would just say that there is not enough in the film to keep you interested for the 93 minutes, if this was a short film lasting ten minutes I would applaud it but there is simply not enough for a feature film.

People will bang on about hidden meanings and complex issues, I think to  enter this world on film you have to create a lot of love, likability or intrigue in the first quarter, this movie ruins any chance of this with the style and the lead actor, Jessie is a great actor but he is all wrong for this role, he normally plays a cocky, dry witted asshole, straight away you are fighting the urge to believe that he is some wimpy coward.




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