A Night in Old Mexico (2014) Movie Review; An enjoyable road movie!

I think Robert Duvall is America’s answer to Sir Michael Caine, they have both made a million films and show no signs of slowing down.

Robert possesses that quality that makes you feel comfortable in the knowledge that he will always deliver a convincing performance, he has many expressions but his face translates a quality of a man who has lived and has character regardless of the role he is playing.

Red Bovie is an old Cowboy forced to sell his land and move into an old people’s retirement home for the poor, Bovie has a change of heart when his nephew arrives out of the blue and decides instead that there is more life left in his old bones yet, the story between the two of them is what makes the film.

This is not a classic but there is enough in it to be enjoyable, there seem to be a spate of these type of films in the 80’s/ 90’s ( Road trips / adventure seekers) so it feels fresh after a lull and has lots of life lessons along that way that doesn’t come off as too preachy.

Worthy of a watch.



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