Anna – Mindscape (2014) Movie Review; Great idea, rushed ending.

I love a good thriller, in fact I would probably say this genre has become my favourite the older I get.

Anna / Mindscape is filled with great actors and the story is not bad, when a memory man in the shape of Mark Strong is asked to visit a girl named Anna my brain tweaked with the endless possibilities that were available to the writer and the director, to have someone who can hold your hands and revisit your memories makes for an entertaining an interesting idea.

Mark Strong is solid as usual, Tasissa Farmiga has that creepy quality which allows your begin the guessing game of where the story is going, with all the foundations for the story and film beginning so well the film eventually disappoints, there are so many questions pinned up on the screen that you look forward to the revelation only for the film to be wrapped up like the police arriving to close down a teenagers alcoholic party, I don’t know if they ran out of money or time but the end just feels very rushed and left me feeling unsatisfied as a viewer.




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