Tapped out (2014) Movie Review; Using UFC stars to market this Shi* film!

Let me start by saying I love the UFC, since the death of the big heavyweight boxing stars of the 80’s & 90’s the world needed something new and the UFC after some fine tuning has taken over as the number one fighting sport.

So back to this movie and I am afraid there are spoilers included, lets start with the ridiculous script, a boy watches his parents get murdered at some traffic lights when their car gets jacked, the boy spots that the murderer has a unique tattoo on the back of his neck, years later and the boy looks about 15, while casually being took along to a low-grade MMA event he spots his long-lost murderer in the shape of the local champion (Krzysztof Soszynski) he instantly runs away from the event and informs the police that at last he has found the man who killed his folks, the actor playing the policemen shows as much interest in this tail as he would if the boy was reporting his cat missing, the cops acting is outstandingly awful which is an achievement in a film filled with bad acting.

So after police show no interest in cutting their unsolved murder stats the ”BOY” decides his only option is to train and fight the monster that shot his parents, now I know what your thinking, this is where one of the UFC  stars arrive in the movie, nope, instead the writer brings in former Terminator killer ”Michael Biehn” yes he is the man who is going to train a teenager who weighs in at 70 pound to fight a man weighing 300 pound and also giving away two foot in height, the killer has years of experience and is trained in all martial arts, Kyle Reese is trained in Karate, I don’t ever see karate gyms around anymore, but OK.

The kid gets his ass kicked by everyone, including a very old Michael Biehn, when Michael is not drinking whiskey in secret or telling the lad not pork his daughter, the lad is watching Michael drink in secret and eventually pork’s his daughter.

Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida are in the film for less than five minutes, I would love to see how much they got paid, they tell the kid that he is rubbish but that anything is possible, with this script I agree fellas!

To the finale –

The ”Kid” beats several grown men in one night to get his opportunity to fight the killer, in the same night, for $50,000!!!!!

In reality the kid had more chance of beating, cancer,aids and leprosy in one night but I kept on watching with disbelief.

In the final fight the killer hurts his own knee and eventually has to ”tap out”, the $50,000 is handed to the kid in a suit case full of notes, this always happens when you win prize money I am told, ( I would hate to see the size of Floyd Mayweathers suitcase), without thinking ( much like the writer of this film) the kid donates the money to his alcoholic, karate teaching, terminator killing tutor and tells him he can have the money for his training camp.

Just before the end credits arrive you see the kid’s grandfather reading a paper with the headline, MMA star admits to murder! talk about leaving the biggest laugh til the end, my god, so let me get this straight, a man gets away with murder a decade ago, even though there was no real evidence to convict he now feels a large amount of guilt and sympathy for the boy who has just beat him in the ring so decides to put his hands up and accept a life sentence for a double murder charge!!!!

Allan Ungar ( The writer) please stop taking acid or drinking so much, I can only believe that this was the reason for such a crazy and mental script.




4 thoughts on “Tapped out (2014) Movie Review; Using UFC stars to market this Shi* film!”

  1. Yes this is shite, Warrior was not bad but I think there is better to come, someone will make a Rocky for the MMA world in future, just gotta get lucky with the right right actor and script, very hard to get a guy that guy fight and act.

  2. As bad as the acting was, and as how predictable the plot was at times, you know what? I liked the movie. It reminded me of Karate Kid which was just as impossible for a skinny kid to suddenly beat everyone in a tournament after waxing cars.
    If you are looking for UFC reality stuff in this movie I can see why you would be glum about the flick. However, I have seen some bad low budget movies and they don’t even attempt to develop the characters, tell a heart warming plot, or put any effort in their action scenes. This movie did all of that. They didn’t just throw in sex for no apparent reason, or violence for violence sake. In the end, there was justice, a belief that good overcomes evil, and some good action scenes.
    In his assessment of the film I don’t think this writer was very honest. Yes, the bad guy injured his knee initially but it took well placed kicks and punches to make him groggy enough to get beat. It also took some squirming out of some holds and encouragement by his dead parents, haha. Yes, we have seen it done, but what haven’t we seen done in movies?
    He is also wrong about the UFC stars only being in the movie for about five minutes. It was about ten minutes. It was just long enough. Neither one of them can act so it was a way for them to promote the UFC and gain some experience behind the camera. Any longer and you would think you are watching a commercial with the MMA actors’ less than authentic smiles and brief ineffective lines.
    Michael Biehn was a star. He was very believable. He was not an alcoholic, but an ex-alcoholic. His performance was very good in my opinion. You felt for him and cheered him on. I almost shed a tear when the young protagonist walked out on him. He made a great mentor.
    So if you liked Karate Kid, and other David and Goliath type movies, ignore some of the low budget characteristics that come with all of these kind of flicks, such as some bad acting, some awkward camera stuff, and poor editing at times, and enjoy it for what it is. A feel good action flick.
    6 out of 10.

  3. I disagree on most of your points but thanks for your opinion and taking the time to comment. 🙂

    Karate Kid had its place but it was released in the 80’s and we as an audience expect more from a movie, there are unbelievable stories then then are dam right silly movies, this falls into that catagory.

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