Non-Stop (2014) Movie Review; A good old action film with twist after twist!

I remember the media slating this film on release, lot’s of comments about Liam Neeson cashing in on his ”Taken” fame.

Well the last point may be true but who cares ? , this film is entertaining, you have the who done it or who is it element along with the action which is all jammed into a commercial airline on its way to London.

The pace of the film is just right, if this was made in the 90’s it would been marketed like a Die Hard film and given the reception it deserves, now days and it seems fashionable to be first in line to slam a film, I watch most films regardless of the commercial reviews, in this case I’m glad I did, I would argue that this is possibly Liam’s best film since ” Taken” with regards to his action films.



Interesting facts –

Roughly 200 extras were cast and stayed throughout filming.

Liam Neeson has frequently been cast as an American agent or soldier, but this a rare such film where his Irish accent, which Neeson uses in all his films, is acknowledged and explained.

September 11th is never specifically mentioned by name, although it is directly referenced several times.

Liam Neeson‘s character name in this film is Bill Marks. In Taken (2008) his name is Bryan Mills. Both share the initials ‘B.M.’.

You can watch this film for free at –

6 thoughts on “Non-Stop (2014) Movie Review; A good old action film with twist after twist!”

  1. There has been lack of good popcorn movies and good DVD releases this year, this one does not let us down! Who cares if the plots in it are unbelievable who says movies have to be? I also like Liam in these genres it never gets old!

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