Four Movie Reviews in one, Unwatchable movies that don’t deserve a post of their own!

The Watson’s go to Birmingham (2014) Movie review –

I was hoping this was going to be the Birmingham based in the UK, when I realised it was the one in America I was disappointed but felt the story might have some legs, I was wrong, I have seen this story and decade depicted a dozen times and this version offers nothing new and instead makes it seem like it wasn’t all that bad, based on this film the worst that happened was a few racist remarks in a diner.

Unwatchable rating 8/10


Drive Hard (2014) Movie Review –

I love John Cusack, ever since High fidelity he has become an adopted brother in my crazy mind, well I felt like disowning him after this travesty of a movie, it starts off OK, John goes for a driving lesson in Australia, before long John makes it clear that he wants more than road knowledge, the film falls apart quickly and each car chase and action sequence merges into one big pile of SH*T!

Unwatchable rating 9/10


After (2014) Movie review –

Bloody awful acting and writing right off the bat, two people traveling on an empty coach, before long are involved in an accident and then a load of more poor twists and creepy odd characters enter the screen, I could not complete the film and had to turn off before the half way point.

Unwatchable rating 10/10


The Patrol (2014) Movie review

I managed five minutes of this one, the dialogue really stinks, it would have been more suited to an episode of Hollyoaks ( Cheap, crap UK TV drama). It’s down as the UK’S answer to the ”Hurt Locker” I would say it is the UK’s version of Gigli.

Unwatchable rating 10/10




6 thoughts on “Four Movie Reviews in one, Unwatchable movies that don’t deserve a post of their own!”

  1. I’ve heard of a few of these and thought the premises sounded interesting on paper. Looks like they play out terribly. Poor Cusack is starting to remind me of Cage. Appears in countless movies each year with 8/10 being total crap!

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