Tesco F&F T-shirt brand called into question with the dye running on a dozen + tops purchased

I have purchased more than 20 Tesco tops over the past year, here is what happened;


For whom it may concern,
I purchased at least twenty t shirts from your online clothing site and your in-store clothes section in Kidderminster over the past year.
I noticed that half a dozen of the first purchases had a strange stain on the lower front of the shirts, I presumed at the time that I must have spilt something on them or mixed them with something bad in the washing machine, ( they have been washed at temperature stated in the label)
It wasn’t until a purchase back in April 2014 when I had a t-shirt delivered and wore it the next day to a get together with friends, one of them mentioned that there was spots all over the bottom of my top, I looked down and noticed that my top was covered in marks, this top has never been in a washing machine and I had only owned it for one day, none of my other T-shirts or my families clothes have suffered with what looks like dye running on the T-shirts, it’s just the F&F brand T shirts that was purchased from your store in person or online.
I have spoken to your customer service person who has recommended that I return these items to your store for you to inspect.
I like the clothing brand at Tesco but as you can imagine I am reluctant to purchase any new clothes from your store until this matter is resolved as your tops are lasting in some cases, no more than a few days before they start to fall apart.
Added to this, I purchased a T-shirt for my son (2 years old) one week ago and (F&F) and his shirt has followed suit.
I threw the first dozen shirts in the bin thinking I had ruined them, I have included 9 T-shirts with this letter for you to inspect.
I look forward to your response and solution.
When I entered the store today they told me that they have never heard of this problem before, before long I had four sales staff and the manager of the clothing section looking at my letter and examining my shirts, she said it looks like bleach, I reminded her of the letter confirming that one of the tops has not been washed and still has the stains, I was then told that it could take one month to get an answer from Tesco’s, I think considering the situation, this is a poor turn around time, she told me that her head of clothing wasn’t due in for two weeks, if I had evidence of up to twenty T-shirts that were lasting days not weeks or months in front of me I would have taken it more seriously than the Tesco staff did in the midlands today.

Picture of the tops below –

The above top has never seen a washing machine, this top started sprouting spots the day after I purchased it.

My two year old’s Tshirt (above) purchased in June 2014

I stated to the Tesco manager that like me, there are probably people who have thrown away the first couple of tops thinking they had stained their own tops, now having witnessed more than 20 tops from tescos showing signs of poor quality after only a few days I think there is a bigger problem with the Tesco F&F brand, I look forward to hearing from Tesco and hope it does not take the one month to resolve this issue.

Total spend on Tesco T-shirts with faults £300.00

Attitude of management today was poor, to blame me or look for faults that excluded it being a Tesco’s problem stunk of bad service.

Please comment if you have experienced any problems with the quality of Tescos clothing ????????



4 thoughts on “Tesco F&F T-shirt brand called into question with the dye running on a dozen + tops purchased”

  1. I don’t live in the UK, so I haven’t purchased Tesco clothing. I have however purchased products made in India that have this problem with their dyes. It is no coincidence that the dye bleeding madras shirts of the 60’s were made in India.

  2. Had a phone call from Tesco today to say they would like to offer me £19 in compensation, I refused this offer and told them they were taking the mick, the best part of two dozen shirts have been purchased and I lose the cost of the shirts, the use of the shirts and they offer no refund on the tops and £19.00 compensation, also they claimed that these marks could be wear and tear.!!!!!

  3. OK, this situation has now been resolved, Tesco were at no fault what so ever, the stains were due to a cleaning liquid for babies bottles, Tesco sell the cleaner ( Mitton) but it does state that if you get this cleaner on your clothes it will stain your clothes, Tesco were pretty great about it, they even sent me an apron as a nice gesture which said N0 1 DAD, very pleased with Tescos final response overall experience of the Tesco brand.

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