Rik Mayall dies and the world becomes a duller place!

I adored this man as a child and then more so when I could understand him as a teenager, Rik Mayall was the closest any man got to becoming a human cartoon.

I first clapped eyes on Rik when he was playing ”Rick”  in the ” Young Ones” it was the first time I had seen someone play an obnoxious, irritating wanker, but he played the character with such enthusiasm that you could not withhold your love and admiration for him.

When I was thirteen Rik and Adrian Edmondson re-cycled their comedy act with the show ”Bottom”, as a teenager feeling anxious about the opposite sex, and sex in general, there was no funnier man around at the time than Rik Mayall to express these emotions for every spotty teenager in the land.

I just watched a couple of clips on YouTube and found myself finishing off Rik’s sentences, if you ignore the penis and vagina jokes which had its place for everyone at one stage, there is some genuine hilarious wit and humour that would be impossible for anyone else to pull off, most people have a default edit button on their feeling’s and how they express themselves to others, their default would be set on being cool and hiding their fears, Rik Mayall’s default was set on loud-speaker for every fear,concern or nerve that he felt /portrayed which resulted in laughing tears and breathing issues for his fans.

You could easily call Rik an eccentric, a lot of his past work pals have probably uttered much worse based on the reports from the media, Stephen Fry left a stage show they were working on, Adrian Edmondson has referred to a lack of patients when dealing with Rik and Rik’s ”ways”, the perfect human being doesn’t exists, when someone such as Rik succeeds in entertaining the world with his mind it would not be unthinkable to believe that his personal / business relationships may not have shared the same success, if you take Morrissey from the Smith’s you have similar situation when the brilliance of someone’s mind can sometimes fall down when you examine that persons personal relationships.

In a perfect world Rik and Adrian would have made a new series together in 2014, Edmondson has been quoted as saying he agreed to make a new show, but he sat down and just could not do it, I think with a bit of planning and thought they should have made that show, 30 and 40 year olds do not want to hear jokes about cocks or see someone being smacked around the head with a saucepan for the 1000th time, if they had matured the writing but kept the mental relationship the same they would have made a hit show but more importantly kept their dignity and discovered and created new ground which was all Rik Mayall  & Ade’ where all about in essence.

The world needs to celebrate the life of Rik Mayall, a man who was indeed special, when I watched his serious acting performance in the ”The Bill ” it made me realise that Rik could have quite easily have made it as a straight actor, he wrote an autobiography a decade ago which all his fans rushed out and purchased, the book was written with Rik giving nothing away about himself and referring to moments that people knew about in a fantasy made up style, making the whole book impossible to read, much like Rik Mayall the man.

R.I.P Rik Mayall, Thank you for making the world a funnier place!





4 thoughts on “Rik Mayall dies and the world becomes a duller place!”

  1. Lord Flashheart from Blackadder was my favourite. Pure ego and great energy from Rik. Will missed that man greatly. Great write up and tribute to the legend.

  2. I have not watched much of Blackadder, I may have to revisit, the response from the media and of note the amount of front page coverage has surprised me, he deserves it but you get the impression over the past decade that he was not a man in high demand.

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