Spain 1 Holland 5 – World Cup 2014 match report

It’s fair to say nobody saw this one coming, I was expecting a safe draw from both sides but the Netherlands didn’t read the script.

Up until the 27th minute Spain looked to be in control and were playing their confident passing style to good effect when Costa went down in the box to win the penalty which Alonso slipped in with ease 1 – 0.


Just before half time the Dutch swung a ball in deep from the left touch-line, Van Persie evaded detection in the Spanish box and headed the ball beautifully past Casillas in the World champions goal, 1 – 1.

The game then turned on its head as if that goal just before the break had boosted the team in blue and deflated the team in white, Robben picked up two goals with a fine display of pace, trickery and coolness on the ball, each time Holland went forward the Spanish seem to be shaking at the knees with anxiety of letting another goal in, it could be first day nerves for Spain but this was not a lucky win for the Netherlands, they were confident and made the other team seem very average at times.

With Chile waiting in the wings I think the whole of Spain will be waking up tomorrow with the gloomiest sunshine known to man.

Well done to Holland, your attitude was your biggest key to winning tonight, roll on to the next game!!!!



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