A Fighting Man (2014) Movie Review: This movie stinks and the actor is a Bum!

I can genuinely say I hated this movie, the story is complete trash, a boxer who’s only achievement is never being knocked down, decides he needs one more fight, ( for his own reasons), to add to this the fight scenes and fighters look like they have never boxed before, the fight choreography is slow and deadly boring, they have edited these scenes with a lot of close-ups to make up for the poor showing.

As a subplot you have his mother who has cancer and a ” chirpy attitude” to boot.

I am big Rocky fan, and this film runs very close to copying the Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) film, the lead character has never been put down, Rocky had never had his nose broken, This film has a lead who has cancer, Rocky’s wife died of cancer, Micky did not want to train Rocky when he got so old, James Caan did not want to train this bum in this movie.

People might say that this film was not supposed to be Rocky type film, regardless of what the directors intentions were the film stinks on every shelf you want to leave it on!

If the story and fight sequences didn’t suck so much you could say at least the acting was decent?, nope, that is the real kicker, Dominic Purcell is a terrible lead actor, he makes the same mistake all wannabee actors make, he does nothing when trying to portray a quiet man, he expresses nothing, now some of the greats pull off some of their most memorable scenes by not saying anything, but if they are not talking they are showing fear,anger, love or hate in their eyes, Dominic fails in this respect, he wanders around this set with the look of a man who has just polished off a bottle of whiskey the night before, there is nothing in the eyes and nothing in his delivery that makes you 1. believe him 2. care for his character.

Don’t waste your time, as Mickey would say about Dominic Purcell, You’re a Bum!




5 thoughts on “A Fighting Man (2014) Movie Review: This movie stinks and the actor is a Bum!”

  1. Dominic Purcell is decent in Prison Break….but that is his biggest accomplishment. He has not impressed me in anything else! This movie looked like a stinker! Glad that you watched it instead of me haha!

  2. What did the wife actually do? It wasn’t clear in the movie. Or if it was, I must have missed it.

  3. I think her mind was ”Taken” over by a zombie version of Adrian from Rocky, but instead of looking and being charming she just looked annoyed and moody throughout the film.

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