England v Uruguay – World Cup 2014 – 19/06/14 – Don’t come home just yet!

I can’t believe how much this one game  means to all the UK,OK that will just be England then,  anything less than a win and we are surely out of the World cup for this year, the amount of column inches and TV interviews and links created over this campaign  and it could be all over within 2 games, the flags on the cars will come down, the anticipation and excitement of a nation dissolves into a quiet depression, ”no pressure” on the players then.

As the song goes, No more years of hurt. No more need for dreaming, well I will be dreaming and hoping for a win tonight, I would be happy

with England getting out of the group, anything less and the media will be sharpening their knifes when the team land at the airport.

This years team have shown the country that England can play attractive, fast paced football, it would be a crime if we went out in the groups by playing football the way it should be as opposed to Capello who chose to stifle out flair players and play with a robotic defensive team.

I hope all the players make England proud!

My prediction England 3 Uruguay 1

Barkley 2 – Gerrard 1

Key factor – The weather is suppose to be wet & cold ( Like playing in England)


2 thoughts on “England v Uruguay – World Cup 2014 – 19/06/14 – Don’t come home just yet!”

  1. Still gutted to this day.
    You may find my latest blog interesting – worldcupnarrative.wordpress.com. It’s about the media influence on fans and the national team during a World Cup. I do not seek to excuse England, just merely point out that the media don’t help them, by analysing the day’s newspapers during the World Cup.

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