Fargo – Season 1 ( 2014) TV Finale Review; A great show which should wipe the slate clean for season 2!

I really took to this show and it’s characters from the very first show, Malvo (Billy Bob) and Lester ( Martin Freeman) really brought something new to the screen.

So to the finale, spoilers included, I was gutted to see the end of Malvo, he was my first reason for tuning in each week, his dead cold delivery and dry wit made him must watch TV, the show kept you guessing about how he would die and a nice interaction between the two leads left the door open for both to continue into season two, but instead the writers had Billy Bob’s days cut short with several shots to the belly from the Deputies postman husband.

Lester falls into a river of ice, the likelihood is he is dead, for the sake of the makers losing both they star acts I am guessing the writers will have him turning up near a riverbank at the start of season 2.

I loved this show but the finale did not wow me, the style of show maybe wasn’t designed for this type of ending.

I would love for season two to start with two new leads, I enjoyed Martin but I am at a loss about how many bad things can happen to a man in such a small and quiet town, this for me leads to Lester dying in that river or Lester surviving and moving to a big city to start his empire of murder and lies.

9/10 for the season


5 thoughts on “Fargo – Season 1 ( 2014) TV Finale Review; A great show which should wipe the slate clean for season 2!”

  1. It will be interesting to see what they can come up with for a second season. Which reminds me, True Detectives will have a second season and neither of the detectives that we watched throughout the 1st season will be back. So without Matthew McGonaughey or Woody Harrelson who will they choose to replace them.

    As for Fargo – maybe they will have the widow Hess, and the shoppingstore magnet Stavros Milos back in larger roles?

    We shall see.

  2. I could not get into True detectives, tried a few times but it put me to sleep.
    I cant see the window being an interesting angle, she would just sleep and lie her way around the town, real shame they killed Malvo, maybe Billy Bob requested, either way, I will miss his confidence & charm.

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