Calvery (2014) Movie Review; A solid Irish film without the cliche’s!

The star of the film ( Brendan Gleeson) is a joy to watch, it’s amazing how some actors bring a sense of comfort with their performance, he has the likability factor that you would only reserve for a favourite grandad or uncle, so to pierce to screen and make such an impact on his audience is purely a magical.

The film has an interesting story but gambles on a cast of Irish actors, some well known, some not known at all, when a director casts TV actors they can ruin the whole balance of a film because you slowly attach their faces to the work they are known for, also with the Irish characters in films they are normally horribly cliche, ( Drunk,silly & stupid) that is why this film must go down as a success, each character is well developed and original.

The premise of the film – Brendan plays a priest who when listening to a strangers sins is suddenly told that he has one week to live, he is told to get his affairs in order before he will be murdered.

Solid film.



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