Sabotage (2014) Movie Review; By far the best Schwarzenegger film since he came out of retirement!

I entered into this film expecting a rip off of the ”Expendables” or just another post politics poor Arnie film, instead I got a decent popcorn movie with half a brain.

This is by far Arnie’s best movie since he came out of retirement, the writing is believable along with Arnie’s role, you are kept guessing til the end and actually give a dam about the conclusion.

Along with the above you also have a great cast surrounding the big man which includes, Sam Worthington, (Lost’s) Josh Holloway, Terrence Howard and the intimidating Joe Manganiello.

The brains behind the film are the same people who made ”End of Watch & ”Training Day” which are both classics, I am not saying this film is a masterpiece but it certainly bypassed my expectations.



Interesting facts –

According to director David Ayer, Sabotage was heavily cut by the studio in favor of delivering more of an action based film rather than a mystery thriller. The original cut of Sabotage was rumored to be close to 3 hours.

The Beastie Boys, Mike D and Adam Horovitz, turned down a request to use their 1994 song “Sabotage” in promos for the film. In his will, Adam Yauch prohibited the use of his music in advertisements.



5 thoughts on “Sabotage (2014) Movie Review; By far the best Schwarzenegger film since he came out of retirement!”

  1. You will get more than that, looking at the notes this was designed to be more of a thriller, but the producers took over at the editing stage and demanded more machine gun action, I would be surprised if you didn’t enjoy it, let me know….

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