The Amazing Spider Man 2 (2014) Movie Review; Not so!

Let me start by saying that I loved ”The Amazing Spider man (The 1st one) it seemed to treat the viewer with more intelligence and the film seemed aimed more at the immature adult and not 8 year olds, you have the action and the charming & beautiful Emma stone and the rest was history.

Roll on a year or so and everything good about this set up has gone down the pan, the relationship between hairy legs and Emma Stone has become incredibly annoying, they both love each other but can’t be together because of the awkward lives they live, not exactly an exciting road to go down, this story line really drags the film down to what seems like a snail pace, every so often you are reminded that you are watching a Spider man film, but then annoyingly this dull romance keeps appearing.

This Spider Man seems very cocksure of himself, there is an arrogance to his performance that is not likeable at times.

Jamie Foxx was interesting, but with the lame story line in general you find yourself yearning for the end to come.

Really disappointed.





6 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider Man 2 (2014) Movie Review; Not so!”

  1. It was bad and the studio knows it, which is why the franchise is in trouble for future. Not every super hero movie needs to run so long as well! PS> BetterthanIMDB is your life major busy as you don’t appear to post much anymore?

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