The Expendables 3 (2014) Movie Review; Love the action stars, one too many in this one!

You could argue that what the ”Expendables franchise” lacks in quality story line and dialogue is made up in the sheer amount of action stars that are crammed into the film, this installment felt like a complete over kill, not only do you have the usual roustabouts which includes Stallone the maker,Stratham, Jet Li,Dolph,Arny and Terry Crews, this time you have what feels like another dozen added, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Ronda Rousey, Wesley Snipes….

If you once had a career or can fight and would like to get into the movies, Stallone and the Expendables gravy train is right up your street.

I may sound like a hater of this film but I still enjoyed the 80’s style action sequences and porno type delivery of the witty one liners, it just felt like a little too much, like when organizing a small party for people who you like, before you know it the word has got out and every Dick & Harry is turning up, before you know it the party is out of hand and no one ends up having any fun.

Ford, Gibson and Snipes were nice inclusions but to add another half a dozen makes this popcorn movie feel contrived if that’s possible in a film like this, the explanation is that Stallone took his finger off the quality control and just said when some flaky agent begged him to put their client in the film,Ahhhh Fuck it, go on then! no one will notice, or care. ( BetterthanIMDB cares Sly 🙂 )

Worst installment of the 3 so far, I am sure he will make another but time to scale it back Sly.




2 thoughts on “The Expendables 3 (2014) Movie Review; Love the action stars, one too many in this one!”

  1. It doesn’t matter how many stars you have inflating your movie budget, if it is not well written and directed the stars can’t make it shine.

  2. I don’t know how many times they have to keep doing the revenge story, surely there could be another reason why the Hero has to get hold of the bad guy, I would love to see a Stallone get cheated on, losing his sense he decides this is worth taking his gang of pumped up men to kill the man who stole his womans heart. ( There you go, it took me 2 minutes)

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