Draft Day (2014) Movie Review; A solid film that will keep your interest!

I watched this movie out of curiosity more than I did for the drama, in England we don’t have a draft system, the clubs basically wait to see which player is showing the most promise at 16, then the BIG clubs come in and steal that player leaving the producing club with a compensation claim which relates to pennies if that player becomes successful.

I like the American system, I am guessing there is a decent interest in youth football because of this system.

Back to this film and you have Mr Hit & Miss, Kevin Costner, he plays what a first seems like a naive character but I don’t think I would be ruining anyone’s enjoyment by saying his character grows throughout this story.

The interesting factors include the lengths that these clubs go to, to find out if their future players have personality issues, or if they are mentally or morally weak.

A solid film and decent actors in all the right places, I never tire of seeing the great Frank Langella.



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