The Purge:Anarchy(2014) Movie Review – A first class film,that is far better than the original!

I absolutely loved this film, I watched the first Purge and was disappointed, the story was interesting but there was no charm from the cast and the clash of the wealthy vs the poor did not capture my attention as this installment did.

The year is 2023 and straight away you are put on the back foot with the ticking time bomb that is the yearly purge, the writing is so smart in this sequel, you have a family splintered by poverty but movingly brought together out of love, and a couple who start arguing about their trivial break up when they should be worrying about what’s about to happen outside on the streets.

There are several subplots that are all very plausible, but moving on from that you can really taste the fear of the purge this time round, the streets have an atmosphere that is thrilling as well as creepy, I found myself shouting at the screen,more than once, when one of the stupid characters decided not stay hidden(this is good sign great directing and perfection in teasing the audience).

The camera shots were quirky and imaginative and the pace of the film is just right.

Frank Grillo was the perfect leading man who led this story down lots of dark and surprising alleys.

Highly recommended



6 thoughts on “The Purge:Anarchy(2014) Movie Review – A first class film,that is far better than the original!”

  1. I am watching the first one now, so this is a good post to read prior to seeing the second kne .

  2. Yep, I think they spent too much time talking about security systems and themselves in the 1st one and forgot what was the key attraction to the story, I look forward to many more, they can change the cast and group with every new release, very rare that you can get away with this.

  3. Escape LA, I thought the same, spooky that you mention Kurt Russel, they director seem to capture that same panic in people as they run for their lives while hiding from the crazy people, great shout!

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